Sexy Mom from Milfs on Webcam Gives me 3 Dissolute Tasks

Boredom and loneliness led me to milfs webcam and my life changed. A Beauty with a webcam offered me a quest, and the reward for winning will be her location and sex. Of course, I decided that I should take part in this adventure.


The tasks were challenging and 150% dissolute, but so enjoyable! At some time, I doubted that I could win. After all, milfs cam invited me to try my hand at the most seducing and impregnable woman in my life.


Another visit to milfs cams on Friday

I often hang out on milfs on webcam on weekends when I want to escape from routine worries. After studying, I got a job as a coach in a children’s football team, and I spend every day in the gym. There is almost no strength left for walking with friends and meeting girls.


This is a temporary job, and milfs webcam is a temporary way to relieve stress. The beautiful women on the site are much more accessible than many of the girls I meet every day. Аnd you can offer them almost everything!


I poured myself a drink and sat down in front of the screen. Today my choice fell on a new one – I have not seen her on the website yet. Slender Beauty, nearly 40 years old, long sophisticated hair, and huge breasts! I will gladly play with her this evening.


Quest-lady from milfs cam offers me to play

The Beauty was very relaxed. Her deep cleavage practically opened her nipples, and her horney mouth constantly hinted at sex. It was a mature woman, but so posh! She takes good care of her body! I can imagine how her masseur enjoys touching this awesome ass.


She started first.

“I want to offer you a game,” told me a stranger from milfs cam, “If you win, I will send you a plane ticket and my address.”

“Why not? But what are the rules? – I became interested.


I often watched shows from milfs cam, masturbated on camera, but I have never met these hot moms in real life. And I would like to. Especially this babe.


The rules of the game were simple. Once a week, she will give me a task, and I must provide her with evidence of its completion. As she spoke, she slowly bared her shoulders and lowered her dress. In the section of the skirt, I saw her slender legs.


My milfs cams makes promises

She leaned back in her chair and continued massaging her nipples. They were already visible under the dress, and I dreamed of putting them in my mouth. Left, then right. And then shove my dick in between those soft big boobs.


“If you complete all the tasks, then I will be yours. You can even tie me up if you want. You will have as much time as you want to realize all your fantasies. I will be only yours” – it was clear that this game turned on my new friend milfs cams very much.


The first task from milfs cams
The first task was to find any milf of my choice and fuck her in my workplace. I needed a photo or video of the process. This cooled me down a bit. For a week to meet a mature woman, to take to my school and fuck – I’m not confident I can do it.


One idea came to my mind. Some mothers sat in the gym while their children were training. I saw how they looked at me with interest. There was more! A young athlete, constantly wet T-shirt, fitting the body. They probably come there just to stare at me. But, I never thought I could use it.


Worried Gym Mom in my arms
To complete my milfs on webcam challenge, I chose my student’s most hectic mom. She constantly got up, did not take her eyes off her child during training. Okay, maybe this is my chance. After class, I asked her to stay to talk about her son’s progress. Everyone left, and I was still doing inventory. I motioned for her to come into my office.


“Your Matthew is trying very hard, but so far no success,” I began, “I don’t think this is his sport. Maybe you should try something else?

I saw how scared she was. Willing to do anything to get her son to play football and go to college.

“He loves it so much! Maybe he still has a chance to stay in the team?” she pleaded.


Well, it’s time to act. Otherwise, my milfs cams will refuse me. I took off my shirt and wiped off the sweat. You could see Mom blushing! My naked wet torso was right in front of her eyes. I felt a boner, and shamelessly put her hand on my cock.


“You can do something, that’s for sure,” I said.


The first task of milfs cams was easy to complete
There was no need to repeat it a second time. She moaned in pleasure as she felt my big hot cock in my pants. If my milfs on webcam will fuck with the same enthusiasm, then I’m in seventh heaven!


She immediately sat down on my table and took off her panties. Appetizing Mom! I often jerked off to such busty blondes on milfs cams.

I realized that she missed normal sex. A young dick is the best cure for boredom. I got really excited about this little adventure too! In the end, I took out the phone, and without ceasing to fuck her, made a small video. I promised to masturbate on it in the evenings.


The second task on milfs cam
My quest-Lady appreciated the video. Well, I did it! The second task was easy to complete. It was necessary to film how a mature woman sucks me in the toilet of the club! This baby even knew one really good club in my city. That’s where I needed to go. I knew, in that club ladies often fuck with young guys.


Before the second adventure from milfs on webcam, I was very excited. Already in the club, I felt my cock tense in my pants. There were a lot of women in the club! Young girls were the first to notice me, but not today. I wasn’t interested in them yet.


Three mature Beauties celebrated a birthday, drank tequila, and laughed very loudly. The birthday girl had a red ribbon on her chest, and I decided to act. I bought a triple shot of tequila and went over to her.


“Happy birthday,” I said.

She gulped down her drink and laughed out loud.

“I’m 45,” she said.

“And I’m 23 years old. In fact, you could be my mommy, right?” – I said with a smile – “I have a gift for you.”


I used a proven trick – put her hand on my penis. Her girlfriends started laughing, but she took it right. She took my hand and led me to the toilet.


The second video for milfs on webcam is ready
The birthday girl wanted to ride me in the closet, but I shook my head. I put her on her knees and pulled a cock out of my pants. I saw her eyes light up. Still, a juicy dick for a birthday – is a good gift.


I pointed it straight into her mouth. She sucked like she hadn’t seen a dick for years! Swallowed it whole. She knew how to suck! My cock was deep in her throat and she wanted more and more. She didn’t even notice when I made a small video, and then I turned the camera over and winked.


My milfs cams should know what is coming very soon. This babe tried so hard, and it took me only 7 minutes of this pleasure to cum in her mouth. Here is the gift! She asked me to stay, to fuck her, but I said that it would be exactly one year later.


One more last task, given by milfs on webcam
I expected everything, but not this. She sent me an address where I needed to go. Beauty with milfs cam said that she knew that woman. So, I had to come to her and fuck her in her own house! After that, I will get a plane ticket and go to milfs on webcam and we will have an unforgettable night.


My new target was not so easy. I saw her husband getting ready for work. She was in the garden pruning roses. As soon as he left for work, I approached the fence.


“Hey!” – I began – “I got a little lost and my phone died. Can I call from your place, or charge the phone?”.


I saw her hesitate. She is all alone at home, and in front of her is a tall young guy, a stranger. But, she let me in. I put my phone on charge and she offered me juice. Apparently, she calmed down when I said that I work with children.


We chatted a little about school, kids, and she told me about her boys. Yes, milfs cams chose a good task. I didn’t even know how to start. She was quite modest, keeping her distance from me.


I’m ready to fuck an impregnable Blonde
It was a sexy woman, over 35 years old, but still looking great. She had a big butt, soft beautiful hands, and a big mouth. Perhaps I would not have immediately paid attention to her in the crowd, but now I realized that she was very pretty!


Without interrupting the story, I took off my shirt. I saw the confusion on her face. I knew that women liked my muscular body. Can she fight the temptation? I said that it is very hot today, I would like to wash my face. She took me to the bathroom. It’s time to do the third task from milfs on webcam, or I lost.


But, at the same time, I went up to her and easily pressed her against the wall. She was ready to scream, but I was unstoppable. I easily lifted her skirt and put my hand on her cunt. So hot!


“If you want, I will remove my hand and leave now. But, things can be different. I will give you pleasure. There is nothing to fear. One word from you and I will stop,” I said.


A shy milf can’t refuse a young guy
I will definitely go to my milfs cams because they just can’t resist a young big cock. I kept stimulating her clit and she didn’t say anything. I kissed her neck, then her boobs. The woman moaned loudly. She enjoyed this adventure too.


She did not resist at all when I put her on the bed and began to undress her. She didn’t help me, but she didn’t resist either. She was even more beautiful naked! Soft tummy, big breasts with pretty pink nipples. I easily entered her prepared pussy and slowly began to fuck her so as not to frighten her away. She closed her eyes.


Her clitoris easily yielded to my caresses, and soon I felt her vagina tense up. She will finish soon! I sped it up by hard poking my cock into her. She moaned loudly and at that moment I made a short video for milfs cam – everything worked out.


I wanted more, so I took my wet cock out of her contented pussy and entered her ass. This gullible babe deserves another orgasm! Her hole didn’t look trained, maybe her husband doesn’t fuck her in the ass. But, she was so aroused that she felt no pain.


Flight to Dallas to my milfs cam tomorrow
My Quest-lady milfs webcam approved the video and sent me a ticket. We had two days to have a good fuck. I flew into Dallas at 8 am, stayed up all night with excitement.


She was waiting for me at the airport. We met like old friends! My mysterious milfs cam took me to the hotel, and on the way, her hand was constantly on my penis. She had already seen him in action.


The best 2 days with milfs on webcam in a man’s life
She really let me do whatever I wanted. I bathed her in my semen in those days! All her holes got my dick and my tongue. In real life, she was so beautiful and seductive that I could hardly restrain from cum just looking at her.


Sometimes milfs webcam directed my movements and sometimes let me use her body as I wished. Mature women – the best thing that can happen to any young guy. They are so insatiable that even at 23 years old it was difficult for me.


Her holes wanted sex every minute. I fucked milfs cams model until I fell asleep exhausted. She woke me up with a blowjob a few hours later. She took my cock deep in her throat, helped herself with her hands. She took a cube of ice to cool it down a bit. And then she teased my cock again with her hot mouth.


We didn’t even leave the room, we ordered food and drinks. She told me her story and I understood everything.


Sad milfs on webcam story – life without sex
She got married very young, and in the first years her husband and she were great in bed. The children were born, there was less time. Her husband fucked her only 2-3 times per week, then just once. And then they only made love on the weekends. A little later – once per month.


She always went in for sports, took care of her body and health. She wanted to have a cock every day, and she saw how other men wanted her. But, she was loyal to her husband. It seems he didn’t notice her at all.


New hobby – milfs on webcam fun with young guys
And that life without enough sex led her to milfs cams. First months she just showed her body to young healthy guys. It turned her on! Helped relieve stress. She received enthusiastic comments from clients.


And then she came up with this quest. She wanted a real dick, not toys. But, milfs webcam Beauty is too selective. She did not want to give her pussy to the first comer. Only to someone who proves that he knows how to handle a real mature woman.


There were several candidates, but none of them completed the quest. Only I completed all the milfs on webcam tasks and got her pussy. I turned out to be the most worthy!

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