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My husband and I were together for more than 20 years, but recently I found out that he cheated on me with a young girl. Yes, I am already 45 years old, but I still feel attractive and desirable, and the men around confirm that. And yet, my husband wanted to get a young body.


I decided to take revenge on him and try different entertainments that are available to a mature woman. One of them – milfs on webcam, I liked chatting with guys. Although, I managed to please my pussy in different ways so that my life is no longer the boring life of a housewife.


The cheating made me stronger

We got married when I was 21, and all my life I was sure that we were happy. We had kids, we took out a mortgage to buy a house, and my husband got a great job. Life flowed, bringing us new and new joys every year. Before my 45th birthday, I found out shocking news for myself – my husband is cheating on me with a girl who is only 22 years old! Yes, she is a young, sexy kitty with a great body, but is that an excuse?


I have always looked after my body and appearance, but it was important for me to please only my husband, and not others. I took care of myself because I loved myself. And the betrayal of my beloved husband suddenly made me hate my body, which immediately became old and unpleasant in the mirror. Conversations with a psychotherapist did not give me anything, but advice from a friend stuck in my head. I also need to cheat him, and not just cheat, but get real pleasure from life.


Going to find a new dick

In fact, a friend told me that there is a cool milfs webcam service – here young guys want to see a mature woman and have exciting communication with her. But, these new technologies are not exactly my format, I want to meet a real man. And it is better if I meet a mature man and not a young guy.


My husband left somewhere in the evening, and I realized that he went to his mistress again, I was sure. Well, this is the moment to look for a new dick. The fact is – before my husband I had only one boyfriend, and I have already forgotten what it is – a new dick.


The bar was full of people and I had to sit at the bar. The young barman winked at me and asked what Pretty Woman wanted tonight. I asked him to come up with a cocktail for me that would suit me the best. He made a serious face and took up the bottles.


Handsome guy, no older than my son Jeremy. He looked about 25-27 years old, tall, with a shaved head and a sexy beard. He had a pleasant voice, and he began to chat with me about everything. I didn’t even notice the bar was empty. He told me it was time to close, but if I wanted another drink as a gift, he could close the bar and make something special for me.


Behind the closed door

He locked the door and looked at me with a slight kinky smile.

“I can see right away when a lady is looking for an adventure for her pussy. You are a very sexy mommy, such a Milf-queen, do you know that?”

He walked over to me and ran his hand down my cheek. I never imagined that everything would turn out this way, but … This guy is really attractive, especially after 3 drinks.


I stood up and he came close to me, immediately wrapping his arms around my waist. He brought his face close to mine and kissed me lightly on the lips. He smelled like tobacco and gin, and a young male – so desirable, but forgotten scent.


The barman took my hand and led me to the other side of the bar. He pushed the glasses and bottles aside to make room for me. I sat down, giving him the opportunity to put his hand under my skirt. He touched my pussy, and I darkened before my eyes.


He was experienced and skillful and knew exactly how to get me turned on quickly. He unbuttoned the buttons on my dress, looking at my breasts. I felt his erect cock on my thigh – it was big, much bigger than my husband’s.


New cock and new pleasures

Cocktails gave me courage, and I reached his belt, unbuttoning his trousers and releasing his huge cock. So big, firm, and hard that I screamed involuntarily. The guy started kissing my neck, whispering in my ear how much he wants me.


He approached me and I felt a hot glance of his dick on my pussy! He pressed, and easily entered me, without giving me a second to think. I haven’t had sex for months, and before that, my husband and I had only short fun. Now I realized how much I want to fuck, and this young handsome man was just in time.


While he fucked me, he was also squeezing my breasts and nipples, which made me wet even more. The barman moved back so he could watch my pussy and his cock entering inside it. I looked at him too – his cock and balls glistened with my juice.


I felt it inside me – unusually hard, aroused, touching my G-spot. He put his fingers on my clit and began to quickly rub it, patting it periodically.


It took me a few minutes of such hot sex to finish, but this young male did not even think of finishing. I screamed and clung to him, and he just continued to fuck me faster with a grin. The second wave of orgasm washed over me and I thought I was going to pass out. And he continued, bringing me to the peak of pleasure with his lips, teeth, hands, and cock.


What else could a bored housewife do?

I came home a few hours later – tired, satisfied, incredibly satisfied. He made me cum 10 times exactly and then he cum inside me whispering dirty words in my ear. Incredible guy and I definitely want to go back to him, fuck him again.

In the morning I thought it was a bad idea. If I come again, then I can’t keep up with him. I still don’t crazy enough to fall in love with a boy who could be in the same class as my son.


Maybe I should try the milfs webcam that my friend told me about? This is something completely new – chatting with strangers, showing them your body, and fulfilling their requests. I didn’t even really know what to do with them. But such thoughts excite me!

And yet, I decided to get ready – I chose the sexiest black lingerie, jewelry, and put on a little vulgar makeup. The process turned me on right away – like I’m going on a date that should end with sex.


My the first time on milfs on webcam

Very soon a guy wrote to me, again, very young. We were chatting and he invited me to a private session. He asked me to scold him the way a mother would scold her for bad grades in school. It was a little funny, but I saw that he was serious. Well, I have 3 children and a lot of experience in such talks.


“Do you know how to behave decently, right? You must answer when mommy is asking, I’m talking to you! Very bad, disgusting!” – I got into the role, and I didn’t notice how I started playing with my breasts – “You disappointed me, and now you won’t get sweets, and we won’t go to the cinema on Saturday, you are a disgusting boy and deserve a spanking!”.


It was interesting to scold an adult guy like that, who immediately grabbed his cock in arousal. I knew he was jerking off there, looking at me and listening to me scolding him, promising to punish him, forbidding him sweets. I think he would like a real spanking from a sexy Milf.


Weekend trip and 3 hot students

The camera experience amused me, but I figured it was okay to have some fun this way sometimes. I had 2 other visitors and they were also very young. One tried to persuade me to take off my bra, and in the end, received his reward.


And the second wanted to see me naked, to see how I’m cleaning the house completely naked. My games on the milfs webcam were possible during the day only, when the husband is at work and the younger children are at school. And yet, I managed to have some fun fulfilling the wishes of the handsome men on the other side of the screen.


But still, I loved real sex more than on camera. And memories of a hot barman increasingly came to my mind. I decided to go for the weekend with my girlfriend out of town to the lake. She was divorced and also wanted to seek adventure.


We had just come into our room when 3 guys came out of the next door – they looked at us with interest. My friend waved to them, and they returned us with friendly smiles. Well, there is something to do here besides walking near the lake.


Evening in the company of young handsome men

We were sitting next to the hotel when these 3 handsome men approached us with a desire to get to know each other. They had come here to spend the night before flying to another state for the sports competition, and they just wanted to chat. Of course, we all understood what they and we wanted.


I told them that my husband cheated on me, and now I’m just looking for pleasure, and by no means friendly communication. My friend confirmed that she also wants sex, not a friendship, and chatting about all sorts of nonsense. All three of them looked at us with delight, because 2 mature Milfs had just offered them sex.


We went to the room, and our new gentlemen were a little shy. Of course, they are used to spending time with young girls! To walk around in circles until girls are even ready to allow them to touch their boobs.


I realized that for many years I lived a life that I did not like. I had little sex and my husband was not 100% loyal to me! Things were not as I thought, but now it’s time to catch up. I want as many young cocks as possible!


3 + 2 – a great combination for the night

My friend and I suggested that we undress immediately so as not to waste time. And we threw off our dresses and underwear. It was a fun adventure, and most importantly – I was not afraid that my husband would find out. Even if he finds out, this is very good, because I found out about his betrayal, and I was very hurt.


We lay down on the bed and called them, it was time to start having fun. Two guys came up to me and I just pointed my finger at my pussy. My friend was already kissing a third guy, with whom they clearly liked each other.


One of my boys came over and knelt down, pressing his lips to my pussy. And I dragged the second by the hand to me and immediately took his cock into my mouth! Playing on was fun, but at that moment I felt really at the top of the world.


The tongue of one young guy eagerly explored my vagina, and the strong long cock of the second one was in my mouth, and he moaned with excitement. I opened my eyes and saw that my friend was also enjoying the oral sex of her young athlete.


My horny boyfriend, who was playing with my clit, stood up abruptly and pushed me onto the bed – that’s where my sexual adventure begins. I realized that he was very excited because his movements were too abrupt and chaotic. I was still sucking the second guy’s cock, but then my friend pulled his hand.


Young guys love horny Milfs

She also wanted to get a second cock in her mouth while her passionate lover was fucking her. We laughed and changed boyfriends and it was an amazing evening. It was the first time I had anal sex, and in just a couple of minutes, I began to get special pleasure from it.


It was a truly crazy party that none of our Fab Five will ever forget. I lay with my head resting on the chest of one of the young guys who had been in all my holes today. The second slowly stroked my inner thigh. My friend slept with a third guy, hugging him.


I told them that sometimes I would visit milfs webcam and that we could meet there again to continue our games. They became interested, but I doubt that I will meet any of them again. I’ve lost my sexuality for a long time, and now I’m just glad that it has awakened.


Who knows how much we have left to live, and it’s not worth spending your life the way I did. I am a sexy Milf, I am ready for new adventures, and more than anything, I want to be as happy and satisfied as today.

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